Tips for Cleaning Tires

While the mix of grease and brake dust that forms on your tires can be unsightly, there's a better reason for removing it than mere aesthetics. Your brakes shave off carbon fibers and tiny bits of metal each time you use them, and this mixture can be very corrosive to metal. You'll want to clean your hubcaps and tires as often as you wash the rest of your car.

Start washing your car from the ground up, using a soap on your tires that is formulated to break up the grime. Scrub well, letting it soak a bit if necessary, before using a powerful jet of water to spray it clean. Thoroughly dry your wheels with a microfiber towel and avoid using this towel anywhere else on your vehicle, as the metal shavings from your brakes can scratch paint and might be embedded in your towel. Finish with a shiny wax coating that will help to preserve your tires, if you prefer.

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